My new business venture!

20 Jul

I have decided to use my creative talents and start up a new business venture… making rings made out of scrabble pieces and selling them on ebay! I enjoy being creative and i love these scrabble rings! Take a look on ebay!


Scrabble Rings

20 Jul

Scrabble Rings

My Scrabble rings that im making, also available with different colour diamantes”

My first week of social media

20 Jul

I’ve been using different forms of social media recently in order to understand how each one of them work, I have always had social media profiles but the main site I have been using recently was Facebook, and I have found that has becoming increasingly boring.

In the last week I have set up a twitter, LinkedIn, and a wordpress profile. I have found that these sites are a lot different to the ones I’m used to, particularly because I am using them for more professional reasons, they have taken some getting used to; especially blogging! However I have enjoyed my first week and am glad I have opened my eyes to different types of social media websites!

It’s refreshing not seeing drunken pictures of people clogging up my news feed, they have been replaced intellectual discussions.

I will continue to keep up to date with my new venture into the social media world.

Orange expendables 2 cinema advert

19 Jul

I went to the cinema last night and as the orange mobile advert popped up I was immediately dreading watching it, as in my opinion orange tend to their cinema advertisements for too long, they get boring. However, their recent advert including the cast of the film The Expendables 2 and James Buckley (Jay from the inbetweeners) has been entertaining every time I’ve seen it (unlike most of oranges other cinema advertisements).

The advertisement shows the expendables hiding in a secret location when a young man from orange (James) thats keen on social media turns up to assist them, his use of social media gives their location away. It made me think, are there more pros or cons to social media? Personally I would say more pros, but then I am a social media fan.

Anyway I thought the advert was a fun way of using social media. If you haven’t seen the advertisement then here’s a link to an article about it.

Let me know your views!


18 Jul

Here is my linked in account, it contains more information about me!


18 Jul

Here is my twitter account, follow me!

18 Jul

Here is my account, I will be using it to tie up all my social media accounts.

Hello world!

17 Jul

Dear world,

This is my first attempt at blogging! I am interested in marketing in particular social media marketing, so it seemed natural to start using a different variety of social media and get myself out there to see what social media has to offer.

Hopefully writing a blog will give me more insight into the world of social media marketing and help me with my degree and future jobs.

I am currently entering my third year of my Business Management and Marketing BA Hons degree and am looking for as much experience as possible.

It is time to show future employers how I can market products by marketing myself, so here I am! I will be keeping up to date with the world of marketing and social media, give my views on these subjects and share other people’s opinions I enjoy!

I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope my views are of some interest to you!

Zoe John